Purim Mishloach Manot Bags

Mishloach Manot — Sending food gifts to friends and family—is one of the four Mitzvot performed on Purim. It is a heartfelt way to emphasize the Jewish unity that lies at the core of the Purim holiday… and to create meaningful connections within our own community at the same time. Through this project, you can participate in the sending of a beautiful gift bag to your TBT friends and family.

Our Religious School Committee is helping with this mitzvah project by preparing Mishloach Manot (Purim Bags) filled with hamantashen, nuts, candy and other small goodies. You can also gift these bags to 4 larger groups including your religious school faculty, preschool faculty, board of directors and clergy/staff.

The cost is $10 per individual/family order. The cost of a “group” bag is $36. All these are shared on the attached list. The bags will be ready for pick up at the temple on Sunday, March 5. By placing an order, that family/individual will receive a bag with your name on a sheet enclosed with their bag. Should multiple people send to one family, that family will get one enhanced bag with all of the donors names listed. Celebrate the holiday of Purim with our temple family members and staff, and support our Religious School by participating in this mitzvah project.

All orders must be placed by February 24! It’s a Mitzvah, it’s great fun and with Temple Beth Torah Religious School Committee it’s easier than ever!